Product Benefits

Moa Tech

Only our best outdoor gear wears the MOA TECH label. Designed for high performance activities used in real conditions.

  • MOA TECH performs when it is wet, windy and cold.
  • Quality high waterproof performance. You are dry at this level.
  • Highly breathable. Great airflow allowing better exchange of vapour. You will feel drier.
  • Activity design enhancements & features. Designed for active body movement to reduce fabric restriction.


Wool Look Fleece

Moa Wool Look Fleece is a unique polyester fleece with each side of the fabric having very different surface properties. Wool Look Fleece uses some of the wools finest qualities but a fraction of the weight.

Inside surface - Long vertical wool look pile fibres trap air to maximise heat retention. The experience is a very warm feel.

Outer surface - Low pile horizontal fibres provide increased wind resistance. This unique method of knitting the fabric produces a garment that is considerably warmer than a standard fleece.

Using some of wools finest qualities Moa Wool Look fleece is 20% warmer than normal fleece.