About Us

MOA - Making the Outdoors Accessible


Moa Birds roamed the land of New Zealand up until 600 years ago.

Over 25 years ago MOA the brand was created, and just like the Moa bird our gear loves being in the outdoors, tested by the sometimes trying conditions New Zealand can throw at it.

Our gear is designed by Kiwi's who love being in the outdoors as much as you do, trust us, we want you to be out there exploring as much as possible.

From the oceans & rivers to the peaks in the clouds and everywhere in between, we have something for you.

We are a proud Christchurch, NZ Design Company. Our clothing that is versatile, comfortable & functional.

Moa, Moa Tech & Kiwistuff collections incorporate a wide range of high performance fabrics and styles from short tailored rain jackets to fully seam sealed rainwear, softshell jackets and fleece clothing. Our clothing and accessories are designed by our team right here in Christchurch, South Island, inspired by our spectacular outdoor environment.